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At Stelco Romania SRL, in Brasov Transylvania , we always have a job to do. We manufacture, delivering products and parts, according to customer specifications and requirements. It has not always been easy, but this is what we have been doing for a long time. This is the third generation of technicians, welders, machine operators and engineers that continue this job; therefore we can proudly say that we carry on.

Manufacturing usually starts by laser cutting the metal, punching, saw cutting or blade cutting, then bending, rolling, and, most probably, but not necessarily – welding it together. We manufacture products like exhaust pipes for cars, silencers for generators, racks for the automotive industry, cover tubes for cable stayed bridges, structures for buildings, agricultural welded parts like panto-graphs, grain buckets, pallet forks.

On the other hand, our turning and milling department can cut chunks of metal on our CNC turning and milling machines to produce parts that require microns of millimeters of precision.

In a hall of 4,000 square meters we use laser cutting machines that can operate up to 20 mm thickness of steel, press brake bending machines that can bend up to 15 mm of sheet steel at 2 meters of length, pipe bending machines that can bend up to 65 x 1.5 mm, punching machines, saw and blade cutting machines that can cut up to Ø400, turning and milling machines, mechanical presses, sheet rolling, and powder coating painting. CNC milling centres with max working table up to 1,000x500mm, and turning centres with maximum turning diameter 340mm and 950mm of length.

  • Capacity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Work Ethic

Not usually medium size companies of less than 100 employees can have such a wide range of machines available, therefore, to do multi operations in house and manufacture products or sub-assemblies that require several parts from different manufacturing operations.

Here at Stelco we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and offer a high customer satisfaction. Our vast experience has put us in different, challenging positions over time, so we have learned to adapt to even the most complex projects.

We will maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our general contractors, customers, professional associates and suppliers. As an essential rule, we always avoid seeking the short term profit, in favor of developing long term partnerships with our customers.

Factory & Headquarters

  • Lunca Calnicului, I.C. Frimu Nr. 1, 507071, Brasov, Romania
  • 0040 268 515 111
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