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As a batch manufacturing machine shop, we are able to produce machined parts that might be welded to other parts, that can be cut and shaped within our facility, or as such turned and milled parts assembled in.

A machine shop equipped with the latest technology offered by the Japanese manufacturer OKUMA. With the help of OKUMA we are able, by pushing a single switch, to automatically change tools, move cutting tool holders and tables, and carry out processing curves, complex shapes, holes and grooves with micron precision and optimal set up.

Our machine shop, equipped at the moment with cutting edge turning and milling machines give us the possibility to manufacture parts rapidly, economically, and most importantly up to the specifications.

We are equipped with milling machines that can cut metal chunks as big as 1,300 x 560 x 610, and turning machines that can turn parts as big as 340 mm with 950 mm of length.

The demand placed on the business of manufacturers for meeting ever-tightening requirements, and the need for fast problem solving solutions to deliver the desired result by strict deadlines can only be met by having the newest technology and a rock-solid team able to run these machines to their full potential. A machine shop that can survive the competition of today, must strive in keeping these two prerequisites in place. This prerequisite defines our mission as a company today.

In case you need a fast quote, please send us STEP drawings, and we will run the programs in our CAM-CAM and be perfectly precise in estimating machining times and therefore able to calculate cost prices faster and closer to actual costs.

Machines alone cannot do the job, a complete set up with steel suppliers; heat treatment services, surface treatment services, and a very good cutting tool supplier are necessary.


Steel suppliers, tool cutting suppliers, heat treatment and surface treatment

In case parts are required in non-alloyed steel, like C45W (W1.1730), or low alloyed steel 42CrMo4 (W1.7225), or high alloyed steel like X155CrMo 12 1 (W1.2379), we can have it in our shop floor within 24 hours.

Heat treatment of steel


Heat treatment of steel means the heating and cooling of metal in order to change and improve their physical and mechanical properties, without changing their shape and geometry.

It is mainly used to strengthen materials, and improve their resistance in friction. If not done correctly parts will fail during performing the purpose they were designed and produced for. Therefore hours of machining, hours and cost of transport, and hours of mounting and dismounting are gone. Therefore having a truly global provider of sub-contracting services close to a machine shop is of primary importance. Bodycode is the world’s largest and most respected provider of thermal processing services, it can be found in 23 countries. One of them is a few minutes’ drive from our plant.

The cutting tool selection is of the utmost importance in any machining process. At the end of the day, CAD-CAM system and expensive high tech equipment benefits can only provide results when the actual parts are cut at fast speeds and material is removed rapidly. Therefore, a cutting tool which can be expensive to purchase, ends up being a cost saver, if chosen correctly. Our suppliers can provide tools for us within 24 hours, in case a special cutting tool is required and not available in our tool shop. Therefore, we can get on doing the job more rapidly and efficiently.

Cutting tools


The cutting tool selection is again one of the utmost importance in any machining process. Our suppliers can provide tools for us within 24 hours, in case a special cutting tool is required and not available in our tool shop. Therefore, we can get on doing the job without having to wait for days for tools to arrive.

We maintain a large range of cutting tools, and we are not afraid to add new tools when required, in case a tool will reduce production times and cut out manufacturing costs.

Machining is a race against time, machines have to be paid for and therefore, during their useful lifetime, they must produce parts as much as possible in a correct and precise way.

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