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During these years in metalworking we have developed the skills to understand and predetermine steel behaviour at bending, during and after welding. These competences cannot be achieved overnight; it is rather a difficult, long road that makes this possible.

Welding is a fabrication method that joins metals by using electricity to create enough heat to melt metal, and achieve the binding when the cooling takes place. All this can happen in a fraction of a second as the electric arc moves along the pieces that need to be welded together. Although it sounds simple, welding is a difficult trade. Not only has the welder to withstand the heat, and the melted metal that sparks all over, he often has to manipulate heavy structures, has to position the piece precisely on the jig or the welding fixture, tag weld them in the correct manner, and then choose the correct welding pattern.

A proper weld is done by using a correct welding size, and the proper adjustment on the machine needs to be done. Our Lincoln Pulse MIG welding machines can be adjusted perfectly using electronic software, were a welder can finely adjust all welding parameters.

After welding, a structure can bend due to the internal stresses in the welds that are generated during cooling and the afterwards shrinkage of the welding area. Therefore the fabricator has to bring the structure back to its required form using hydraulic jacks. Another skill that is achieved only by experience as no textbook can give this skill to any newcomer in this industrial field.

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